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With great care for our employees, we offer such benefits
The health of our team is important to us. We offer our employees a health insurance package and 15 days of paid sick leave.
We value our time and want you to share our value. It is important for us that all parties are satisfied with the work done and that it is completed at the predefined date. Therefore, we have a positive attitude to the fact that you start your working day at a convenient time for you. Just do not forget that your body and mind should rest at night. Be a realistic manager of your time.
Flexible schedule
TageSpot offers its employees 21 day of paid holidays. Working with us requires diligence, passionate desire and inspiration. That is why we really want people to rest a little more and be energetic enough for a full and productive life.
In our company, you don't have to worry about your skills becoming obsolete because TageSpot has prepared a Professional Development Plan for you, thanks to which you will always know where to move. Each employee will annually receive financial support for training. In addition, we will be happy to invite senior specialists to conduct training sessions. The opportunity to grow professionally is limitless, so we will work together to ensure that we will be capable of investing even more in you.
Training and development
Lunch time
We strive not only for productive work but also to ensure that our joint vacation is bright and memorable. It is important for us to be a place where a warm and homely atmosphere reigns, a place where you want to bring your partners, children, and even beloved pets. We will be glad to have them. In addition to wonderful corporate events and fun team buildings, we also offer joint active leisure: hiking, football, volleyball, and much more.
Entertainment &
We believe that by having ease in physical and psychological well-being, the human body is capable of great achievements, so we sincerely want to inspire you to take even more care of yourself. We cannot force you to give up bad habits and unhealthy food, but in our environment you will not get a chocolate bar and a can of soda for a snack, but you will have the opportunity to drink a fruit smoothie and have a healthy dessert. And we will be glad if it makes you a little healthier and happier.