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Digital Strategy Delivery for a Fintech startup
Industry: Fintech
Team Size: 14
Technologies used: Azure, .Net Core, Functions, Azure DevOps, SQL Server, React.JS, TypeScript, etc.

Client is a Sweden-based startup, a fintech platform that aims to facilitate employees' early access to their earned salary during a pay period. The business model consists of acquiring employers in various geographies using a simple, easy and free onboarding process. Employees whose employers have signed up to the platform automatically qualify as platform users. They have to enroll in the platform individually and can then start transacting using a capped portion of their "earned" salary.


Client ran a tender between different software vendors. The winner receives a slot and gives an obligation to deliver MVP of the planned functionality. TageSpot won that tender, because of a very strong technical talent, comprehensive solution proposal and domain experience of developing similar solutions backed by TageSpot Domain Framework. Reuse of architecture backbone helped to save 1.5 months of the development time, what gave us a very strong advantage over competing vendors.


TageSpot tech committee conducted full discovery phase, helped client to refine an idea, elicited and documented requirements, ran software architecture workshop, formed an in-house team with the required expertise, assigned technical supervision of project execution. Phase 1 of the project scope has been delivered in 5 months, according to a committed schedule. Functionality included employee profile, company&employee on-boarding process, loans functionality, payroll processing, integration with banks. Phase 2 of the project has been finished in late 2020 and consisted of an additional withdrawal approach (via ATM), improvements to the on-boarding process and the first version of the separate module which is a minimalistic payroll solution for engaged companies.

Upcoming plans

Currently, we are responsible for project maintenance and are awaiting for client to receive investment to continue active feature development.