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Payroll solution optimization for large OTA
Industry: Travel
Team Size: 5
Technologies used: UiPath, C#, .NET, Angular, TypeScript, Microsoft Project, SQL Server, Git, Jira.

The client is a global accommodation search. It empowers more than 100 million travelers every month in their search for the best hotel experience. As a hotel price comparison website, the company makes money from advertising partners primarily using the CPC business model. Booking platforms, hoteliers, and other providers list rates and advertise on their site, paying for the clicks received from users. As a supplement part of the business, the client is developing solutions for the management of hotels. They have around 1000 employees.


The company has been partnering with a well-established outsourcing vendor for a couple of years. For diversification purposes, they chose TageSpot as a backup force to help them to migrate their internal payroll solution from an old approach using stored procedures and desktop app to a modern web application with an automated data retrieval of timesheets from Microsoft Project, Jira and other tools.


Besides successful migration, our business analyst helped to identify waste in the process, designed an automation approach of data gathering activities for payroll calculation which helps to save 3000 dollars every month. The project has been successfully completed in late 2021. Automation was not performed via code as in a usual way, but more in a Lean approach leveraging the UiPath RPA platform. This streamlined solution delivery and laid the beginning of establishing RPA practice inside the company.

Upcoming plans

Currently, our RPA consultant and C# developer are working with the company back-office on the automatization of routine business processes.

Also, we are working closely with the company's Sales&Marketing department helping them with running marketing campaigns and enhancing their analytics solution to extract more value from the gathered marketing data and discounts program. The solution is based on the architecture that is an intersection of Data Lake and Distributed Data Mesh.