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Principal Technologist

How we see you in a role:

  • You actively cooperate with the Sales department providing technical expertise acting on advisory level.
  • As an advisor you are working closely with existing and potential clients with the aim to get understanding of their business, goals, objectives, initiatives that are in progress and planned and how it all aligns with their technology infrastructure.
  • Identification of client's business growth opportunities related to technology. You help companies solve their business challenges with technology and master the digital change.
  • Proposals creations together with Client Success & Managing Partner.
  • Overall supervision of engagements, ensuring process&tech excellence. Cooperating and leading the whole service team.
  • You maintain "bigger picture" for all engagements that you are supervising.
  • Identifying Strategy, Project team knowledge/skills gaps. Delegating/Executing coaching/mentorship. Ensuring success of training.
  • Strategy/Solution complex technical decisions facilitation. Helping team members promoting these decisions to the client business/tech stakeholders.
  • Strategy/Solution success metrics problems escalation to TageSpot Managing Partner.
  • Strategy/Solution success metrics compliance supervision, application of corrective measures etc.
  • Strategy/Solution success metrics status reporting to the client.
  • Checking & validating results of each stage of Strategy/Solution execution. Providing suggestions to the team.
  • You are acting as the customer's right-hand person ensuring the deliverables are aligned with client expectations.
  • Along with Transformation Consultants refine business needs and priorities, creating solution vision and implementation roadmap. Split customer's business objectives into appropriate initiatives and actions.
  • You perform trade-off analysis of different architecture tactics and patterns in cooperation with our consultants and architects. You confidently provide justification of design decisions and discarded options.
  • You lead and drive post-launch optimization of the customer adoption, customer experience, operations and reach/scale of solutions.

What should you bring with you:

  • Proven experience in pre-sales activities or working with client's business stakeholders.
  • Love of creating scalable, reliable, flexible and meaningful solutions that help transform businesses and even whole industries.
  • At least 10 years of experience working in the software development industry, preferably in different roles (Tech Lead, Architect, Engineering Manager, Solution Lead, etc.)
  • You are a seasoned software engineer, well-versed in two or more programming languages (Java, Python, C#, Scala, F#, etc.)
  • You know how to influence and take total responsibility.
  • You are a tech-savvy person that could freely and confidently talk about technology solutions of any complexity.
  • You have extensive experience driving transformation initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, pitching and communicating your ideas to C-level, managing ambiguity and complexity along the way.
  • You should have great negotiation, presentation skills.
  • You possess perfect understanding of personality types and experience building effective engagement strategies, taking into account stakeholders' map, their responsibilities and expectations.
  • You know how to approach prototypes/PoCs creation, feeling comfortable to do that with any technological stack.
  • You have a perfect understanding of managing risks in technological projects.
  • You feel comfortable with making decisions regarding timelines & resources, negotiating scope with clients.

Would be nice if you:

  • Understand consulting methodology & approach e.g. The Seven Cs (Client, Clarify, Create, Change, Confirm, Continue), McKinsey (Thinking about business problems, Way of working to solve business problems, Selling Solutions) or similar.
  • Consulting toolkit & techniques (Initiative Prioritization Matrix, Change Impact Assessment, Business Motivation Model, Golden Circle, Empathy Map, etc.)
  • Have experience taking part in/leading Design Thinking workshops.

Your benefits:

  • Your colleagues, who are premier technologists, consultants and leaders. From then you could learn and get new experiences along the whole exciting journey in the company.
  • Consultants at TageSpot receive unique training, executed by professional coaches.
  • You will work with C-suite executives, problem-solve on their key issues and provide actionable recommendations leveraging your technology know-how and business sense, becoming a world-class technology consultant.
  • Respond to the data challenges that companies now face on a global scale.
  • More about our benefits.