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Product development strategy for inDest
Industry: Travel & Hospitality
Team size: 8
Technologies used: C#, .Net Core, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, SageMaker, Amplify, Cognito, API Gateway, Lex, SNS, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, EC2, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch), Angular.
Small and large OTAs, travel agencies and airlines are doing a great job during the pre-travel planning phase but do have one problem in common - they lose customers while they are at the destination.

inDest is a unique AI-powered B2B2C communication and sales platform tailor-made to help travel companies to drive in-destination revenue. The key business of inDest is to help travel operators proactively sell in-destination products to their travelers when the traveler is already at the destination.

Having more than two decades of experience solving problems in the travel & hospitality business and successfully running several ventures, the client has been looking for a partner who could have helped them to facilitate technology strategy by doing product vision refinement, architecture design and solution implementation.
What TageSpot did for a client

Our partnership started with technology idea validation based on a prototype that the client developed. The initial intent was to continue its development. After the product and technology discovery phase, business needs were analyzed in detail. TageSpot team identified weaknesses in the solution architecture and suggested enhancements. Introduced vision changes allowed a more sustainable business model with lower risks and better flexibility. They made a product less dependent on a 3rd party vendor for channel communication and flows composition. Besides that, changes to the scope allowed full automation experience, when a platform could work without significant human intervention, flexibility in destination product supplier integration, case by case configuration adaptation and much more. The product backlog has been put together and validated with stakeholders. Tagespot took full responsibility for product release and needs management.
During the 1+ years partnership with a client, we've encountered several cases where we needed to pivot, make substantial product moves. They were related to market conditions, unexpected problems with partners agreements and domain-specific problems that popped up along the way. All change management has been implemented successfully which allowed the client to quickly cross the chasm.
One of the examples is an AI solution that has been designed and implemented in the middle of the initial stage of product development. It solves the problem of travel experiences data clusterization. This gap turned out to be very obvious across the whole domain and the AI engine that has been developed added a significant competitive advantage for inDest on the market. This success led to further investment in the Data & AI practice on the company level to solve domain-specific problems, which we successfully continue driving for InDest.
Business outcome

TageSpot helped inDest to empower product vision and make that transformation happen. Over the time of core platform development, we've not only managed to deliver product plans but also solved adjacent problems in the travel experiences domain with an application of edge technology in the form of AI research work and AWS Machine Learning cloud products that were effectively integrated into the core platform architecture. Serverless microservices architecture based on AWS allows a client to quickly onboard new partners, clients and adapt to market conditions without months of delays and significant budgets.