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Service offering: Digital Strategy Delivery
What is a Digital strategy?
Strategy is basically a set of goals that organizations undertake along with concrete steps taken to achieve them. Digital strategy is the scheme that tells about approaches and principles around technologies use within an organization, with details on technology decisions and roles that execute technology implementation.
Why is it important to treat Digital strategy with respect?
Whether you are an Enterprise or ISV in which case technology is your core business at some point both parties encounter a dilemma on how to leverage a maximum opportunity that tech ecosystem could bring to businesses nowadays. And this concern as we stated in our insight on 'How could enterprises prepare for the adoption of exponentially growing technology?' is only growing every single minute in the same way as its role in the overall company success.
Even though 'Technology accelerators' as noticed by Jim Collins in his book 'Good to great' hasn't been the only component which has been helping companies to become great, from Tagespot perspective its weight is becoming more significant as time passes and new business models emerge e.g. Platform business model where technology becomes a significant accelerator for a lot of companies.
Digital strategies have started to be treated more seriously by business people in the last decade, but still, corporate strategies and alignment with technology initiatives are on a poor level of overall maturity. It is more vivid in enterprises, but a lot of cases happen also in ISV companies. Value-driven portfolio management along with planning and execution of particular technology initiatives sometimes is completely decoupled from the companies 'Hedgehog Concept' which doesn't allow to build great businesses what has been proved by researching 1435 Fortune 500 companies in the research conducted by Jim Collins and his team.
History repeats itself.
Management discipline started to be adopted by empire giants like Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller who built big, vertically integrated businesses but neither had the time nor talent to establish management systems for those entities at the beginning of the 20th century.
The same way we started to do technology management to rein in the beast of incredible value and at the same time, the complexity imposed by technology by implementing Agile and DevOps.
Today, we are around at the same time in history for building digital strategy capabilities in our companies the same way as strategic management discipline started to be widely adopted by companies in 1950-60 what gave the beginning of the incredible rise of value creation and systematic growth of capitalism. Those companies who managed to do it properly in the past, today excel, leading the lists of top companies in the world. So a need for a solid digital strategy formulation and methodology of execution becomes indisputable.
What's at the core of our DSD value proposition?
In simple words, our proposition of DSD is planning of long-term technology-related strategy that is aligned with corporate strategy, along with the detailed discovery of particular transformation initiatives. It also includes a governance approach around them and the formation of a KPIs framework that ensures maximum positive ROI. Our technologists, lead strategy from inception to full deployment, ensuring it is success at every step of the journey.
Particular examples could be different digital transformations starting from IT strategy for the enterprise, to biz ideation of a new product line for ISV.
During IT strategy we conduct:
and anything that could be needed in between, considering your process & technology maturity state.
Business capabilities map example
During biz ideation of a new technology product, we are helping to formulate vision and options both from the business (refine goals and objectives, scenarios), product (market needs, user segments, etc.), or technology side (architecture, DevOps, etc.). We incorporate a wide range of experts in the fields of:
As long as tools, methodologies and techniques, including:
In the end, it allows forming a holistic vision with all the necessary technical decisions and roadmap on how to bring an idea to life and align it with the whole product portfolio.
Value Proposition Canvas
What is next?
Definitely, it is only a helicopter view to get a better understanding and a feeling of a value that we in Tagespot could bring to you and your company. In practice, it is a complicated methodology that has been refined and updated for years by our experts and clients that consist of multiple phases with different longevity, depending on the necessary outputs that should be achieved, considering AS-IS state, all the required capability & skills development and migration stages. Executed by the best people in the industry, adhering to our Engineering excellence principles, this service proposition could bring to your company unprecedented competitive advantage with a confident belief in the bright future.
If you are interested in more details, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to share all the information you will need.
As the next step for you, during your digital transformation journey, we suggest reading our insight on "What to consider when building a plan for a technology-related transformation" .