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Service offering: Frictionless Delivery Support
Every company has a lot of ambitious plans to realize with technology. But even if you employ the best people, give them the best training, use the best tools available to buy, every software project has enough room for improvement. It could be related to different aspects, some of them are described in the next paragraphs.
What are the common challenges encountered by software teams and business stakeholders?
Even though we've been writing software for the last couple of decades and embracing Agile for the previous two, DevOps during the last one, a lot of business stakeholders and a significant amount of tech people, still can't efficiently establish and run the core processes of software engineering.
At first sight, Scrum has been implemented, DevOps engineer has been hired and few pipelines built, 10% of sprint time is dedicated to fixing tech debt. But still, there is a gut feeling and feedback from the stakeholders and engineers that delivery speed is not on the required level. Developers are arguing about unclear requirements and objectives. Engineering managers don't support teams fully due to constant pressure from business stakeholders what causes even more problems. As a result, timelines burn, goals are not met, team turnover rate is increasing every quarter and business results are not delivered.
In addition to that managers almost all the time sacrifice "Quality" for the sake of adding more features to the product. Engineers usually don't have enough authority and ability to clearly communicate the importance of software "Quality". To be honest, it is even hard to do that for the best professionals who have highly developed soft skills. As Martin Fowler wrote in his blog post that this relationship is counter-intuitive, but in the end, high-quality software is less expensive to create and evolve.
One more aspect is the fact that technology adoption is becoming more complex, as we've written in a related post.
This forces tech people to follow the hype and do hasty decisions that cause a lot of pain to the team.
Those are the things that happen with development teams on a daily basis. Only, few could boast that this is not their case.
What's at the core of our FDS value proposition?
Our main mission as part of this service offering is to help you create a sustainable culture of delivering software at maximum speed, quality and efficiency that should allow your business to cut costs, quickly react to market opportunities and satisfy the needs of the most demanding end-users. Build a solid bridge process from business needs to technology decisions and day-to-day work approach.
Our technologists have profound experience in helping teams to grow maturity in engineering practices and a proven track record of building technology solutions to complex business problems in different domains. They possess up-to-date knowledge of the existing software development ecosystem. Along with that, they leverage TageSpot Framework of structured and refined tech domain knowledge, internally customized consulting methodology, engineering excellence culture and service delivery approach that in combination create a unique value offering to anyone who wants to enhance their company ability to deliver software.
Usually in this type of engagement, we involve a Principal Technologist who is responsible for the overall engagement, Engineering manager or Tech Lead depending on the project specifics, Software Architect. Optionally: Business Analyst, UX/UI designer and Technology Consultant on particular technology direction. Along with that we either work with your in-house engineering team, with a team from a partnering software vendor or provision a team on our side. Mix choice is also available.
Service execution usually consists of the following phases:
Taking into account that engagement like this could require substantial technology & process & people change, having technical knowledge is definitely not enough even in combination with great soft skills. For that reason we are leveraging our customized consulting methodology that revolves around:
What is next?
Definitely, it is only a helicopter view to get a better understanding and a feeling of a value that we in Tagespot could bring to you and your company. In practice, it is a complicated methodology that has been refined and updated for years by our experts and clients that consist of multiple phases with different longevity, depending on the necessary outputs that should be achieved, considering AS-IS state, all the required capability & skills development and migration stages. Executed by the best people in the industry, adhering to our Engineering excellence principles, this service proposition could bring to your company unprecedented competitive advantage with a confident belief in the bright future.
If you are interested in more details, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to share all the information you will need.