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Solution Architect

How we see you in a role:

  • You are ready to fully learn clients' business and provide insights to influence its related technical direction and carry out enterprise-level architecture planning.
  • You support pre-sale activities, identify pre-sale technology application scenarios, determine the key technology solution PoC and implementation plan, and are able to lead the team to land.

What should you bring with you:

  • Experience leading the group of experienced architects.
  • Have the breadth of industry technology and the depth of professional delivery technology, and be able to carry out in-depth research in the technical field.
  • Excellent technical communication skills, continuously outputting technical influence to key roles.
  • You have a proven track of records engaging in the delivery process of large and complex enterprise application systems, familiar with the work involved in each link of the project delivery process.
  • Proven records of cross-program and cross-project architecture strategies, opportunities, and problem resolution.
  • You have a profound understanding of Software Architecture methodology QAW, ADD, ATAM, Documentation, Tactics&Patterns and a proven track of experience running architecture workshops for complex projects.
  • You have a profound background in Computer Science fields e.g. distributed systems, algorithms and data structures, operating systems, multi-threading mechanisms, computer networks.
  • Understand the aspects of application migration, data migration, security and compliance, and be able to propose solutions to common problems.
  • With legacy system migration experience, able to design migration plans, have a large amount of legacy data migration implementation experience and strong code reading ability.
  • Experience in migrating from a private data center to the public cloud.
  • You have experience designing and building microservices architectures (incl. serverless), micro-frontends, CQRS/Event-sourcing architectures, resolving complex integration scenarios.
  • You are proficient in Domain-Driven Design.
  • You've been guiding projects using Continuous Delivery approaches e.g TDD, Continuous Integration, Infrastructure automation, etc.
  • Expert knowledge in private, public and hybrid cloud architecture, networking, workload types, migration patterns and tools.
  • You have a perfect understanding of storage, compute options of Azure, AWS, Google cloud, their pros and cons how they differ.
  • Deep understanding of DevOps methodology e.g. Continuous Delivery.
  • Experience creating architecture visions covering quality attributes, diagrams, associated risks, technical and system requirements.
  • You are a seasoned software engineer, well-versed in two or more programming languages (Java, Python, C#, Scala, F#, etc.).
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies and conduct technology assessments.
  • Experience providing an assessment of current state architecture and recommendations of future state architecture.

Your benefits:

  • Your colleagues, who are premier technologists, consultants and leaders will mentor you along the whole exciting journey in the company.
  • Architects at TageSpot receive unique training, executed by professional coaches.
  • You will work with C-suite executives, problem-solve on their key issues and provide actionable recommendations leveraging your technology know-how and business sense, becoming a world-class technology consultant.
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