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Technology Consultant
(DevOps & ITSM)

How we see you in a role:

  • By working in a collaborative and innovative environment, together with a service team, listen and observe the client's needs, gather and analyze information, formulate hypotheses, communicate recommendations and offer a competitive solution that supports the client's most ambitious business goals.
  • You're resilient in ambiguous situations and can approach challenges from multiple perspectives.
  • Establish trusting thoughtful and human-oriented partnerships with a client's stakeholders and tech teams;
  • Act as information liaison to different business units and technology departments.
  • Lead technology decisions in your problem space in the full lifecycle of consulting engagements from ideation and launch to post-production evaluation.
  • Execute workshops and prototyping phases.
  • Ensure that solution expectations and all the deliverables are consistently met on all engagements.
  • You know how to run business communication, presentations, negotiate and communicate complex ideas effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Act as a mentor for less-experienced teammates both on our and the client's side, continuously leverage your profound technical knowledge, experience, and leadership skills.
  • Together with other technologists and marketing, take a major part in building TageSpot' "DevOps & ITSM" practice by contributing to the development of internal capability and knowledge base.
  • Motivated individual helping clients achieve technical excellence by approaching challenges from both a technical and operational perspective.
  • Professional who helps their team and client understand operational requirements and takes shared responsibility for designing and implementing an infrastructure that delivers and runs the most complicated software solutions.
  • Professional who helps clients adopting DevOps approaches, breaking away from rigid, more old school ways of working with their infrastructure.
  • You're comfortable partnering directly with infrastructure technicians, support and network analysts, security analysts, system administrators and/or IT managers to design technical strategies while simultaneously collaborating with senior IT groups in an advisory capacity.
  • Leading engineering teams to implement the solution guided by the defined architecture.
  • You have experience influencing others and always advocate for technical excellence while being open to change when needed.
  • With us, grow in a direction that is unique to you, by following your passion and not predetermined commodity standards and career ladders.

What should you bring with you:

  • At least 10 years of experience working in the software development industry, preferably in different roles (Tech Lead, Architect, Engineering Manager, Solution Lead, etc.)
  • You are a seasoned software engineer, well-versed in two or more programming languages (Java, Python, C#, Scala, F#, etc.)
  • Experience talking to the business to understand business and technical requirements.
  • Communication of technical constraints and decisions.
  • Experience ramping up projects, evaluating and driving improvements to the existing infrastructure.
  • Ability to build the controls and processes for Continuous delivery of applications, considering all stages of the process and its automation.
  • You know how to create robust, scalable, flexible and relevant solutions that help transform client's business.
  • A profound understanding of cloud and virtualization platforms, infrastructure automation, and application hosting technologies.
  • You understand DevOps philosophy, Agile methods, Infrastructure as Code and know how to lead infrastructure and operations with these approaches.
  • Experience with servers virtualization, IaaS and PaaS cloud, infrastructure provisioning, and configuration management tools.
  • Scripting experience with one or many tools e.g. bash, powershell.
  • Deep experience with Continuous Integration tools with different tech stacks.
  • Good understanding and experience using monitoring systems for stress and performance testing.
  • You have a perfect understanding of storage, compute options of Azure, AWS, Google cloud, their pros and cons how they differ.
  • Knowledge and experience in the cloud security domain (security strategy, application security, cloud-native, managed security services).
  • Basic understanding of MLOps and related ecosystem e.g MLFlow, CD for Machine Learning approaches and components.
  • Experience conducting ITSM Quality Assurance.
  • Experience in SLA & reporting set-up.
  • Previous process management and process ownership experience.
  • Operational experience leading Service Desks would be a big plus.
  • ITIL understanding would be a big plus.
  • Proven experience in pre-sales activities or working with client's business stakeholders.
  • Love of creating scalable, reliable, flexible and meaningful solutions that help transform businesses and even whole industries

Would be nice if you:

  • Understand consulting methodology & approach e.g. The Seven Cs (Client, Clarify, Create, Change, Confirm, Continue), McKinsey (Thinking about business problems, Way of working to solve business problems, Selling Solutions) or similar.
  • Consulting toolkit & techniques (Initiative Prioritization Matrix, Change Impact Assessment, Business Motivation Model, Golden Circle, Empathy Map, etc.)
  • Have experience taking part in/leading Design Thinking workshops.

Your benefits:

  • Your colleagues, who are premier technologists, consultants and leaders will mentor you along the whole exciting journey in the company.
  • Consultants at TageSpot receive unique trainings, executed by professional coaches.
  • You will work with C-suite executives, problem-solve on their key issues and provide actionable recommendations leveraging your technology know-how and business sense, becoming a world-class technology consultant.
  • More about our benefits.