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Why join us? Employee value proposition.
Who are we, and why did we decide to found the Tagespot?

Working in the industry for more than ten years and developing digital solutions for large companies, we as company partners had the opportunity to try our hands at many different positions and explore every aspect of the software services business.

At some point in our careers, we became more attentive to the many operational and strategic aspects of the companies, which allowed us to see their weaknesses. Then we clearly understood that by changing the approach to doing business, we could bring more satisfaction and reward to employees and more value to customers.

However, putting forward our proposals to certain companies, we faced the fact that many of them applied the usual strategy for them and were not ready for new radical, albeit promising changes. With this in mind, we decided to establish a company that aims to radically change both the attitude and approach to service business in Ukraine and abroad. Tagespot helps clients who find it difficult to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and their adaptation, providing consulting services for strategy formation, design, development, and implementation of technological solutions. In contrast to most outsourcing companies, Tagespot emphasizes a carefully considered and planned use of technology that is consistent with the company's business strategy.

What is the value of joining us, and what is special about our model of the relationship between the company and employees?

  • We have developed a model of the company's quarterly profit distribution between employees, which is 10%. We want you to feel your value in the company, as well as understanding that you are directly responsible for its growth and success in general. Of course, this elevates many legal and cultural issues, as it requires absolutely open financial reporting between all employees of the company, but we are consciously taking this step to be honest with you and ourselves.

  • One of our prospects is also the partial implementation of the Outcome-based engagement model. What is the opportunity for our employees? You will be able to get paid more, for the fact that you will just honestly do what you can. This is not about extra hours of work, but about clearly set and well-executed goals. It's simple - you were able to reach a higher than planned level of KPI goals agreed with the client, so did your job by 120% - then your compensation will be 20% more. In this way, we encourage you to use your time wisely, and we in turn promise to help you by providing mentoring in time management. To sum up, such a strategy is the way to achieve High-Performance Culture in the company we strive for.

  • We are now working hard to develop a consulting knowledge model for employees, which will be a set of recommendations for the work and development of a particular role. This will help you to move in a clearly defined direction of your professional development.

  • You will be having the opportunity to participate in the establishment and implementation of the company's strategy. We are set up to share strategic ideas on our blog, discuss them, and vote. Each vote will be taken into account in making the final decision.

  • In addition, each employee will be able to use our special benefits package.

We invest in our employees to help them grow and achieve their professional goals. If you are an experienced professional looking for a new task or just getting started your career. If you are looking for a company that creates all the required background for professional growth, we offer a wide range of opportunities as well as training and development programs that will allow you to expand your skills and abilities.

Our people are enterprising and resourceful, they go beyond today's problems to find solutions for tomorrow's problems, revealing the competitive advantages of our customers and helping them to achieve business goals.

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